YOUNG ARTS PROJECTS 2019 in partnership with Alderman Peel High School

Alderman Peel High School would very much like to spread the very kind donation of £1000 over three art and design projects. They will be working with local artists, craftspeople and potters and creating new experiences with a wider range of materials and techniques being taught.

Project 1: February / March 2019

Year 11 GCSE ages 15-16 Terracotta Clay workshop and evening class: bust / portraiture /figurative work making clay heads with sculptor Kate Allsop. Using kiln fired clay and oxide slips and powders developing coursework for GCSE gradable assessment. Raising the grade! 4 hours with breaks and supper provided free of charge - 18 students included in the project. Work will be shown in the school summer show and at Holkham Hall Awards in July. Artist’s fee and materials, terracotta and kiln firing: £225. Clay used in school lessons to prepare: £60

Project 2: March/ April 2019

GCSE and Most able gifted and talented students Painting workshop:
Ages 14-16. An introduction to larger scale acrylic painting/ oils and printmaking 2 x 3 hour workshops using paints, palette knives and canvas, rollers and inks. Materials: £200. Artist fee: £150

Project 3: May /June 2019
Beach Art, drawing, photography and painting with Mary Blue: Ages 11-14
A day out on beautiful Wells beach for lower ability students in KS3 and those who suffer from low self esteem or behavioural issues. Sketching, photographing and making large scale natural pigment sea paintings with Mary Blue from the Wells Maltings Gallery, hopefully leading to an exhibition/ display at the Hamda gallery with funding noted as being donated by the Arts Society Glaven Valley, and displayed at Holkham Hall in July. Artist fee: £200. Materials: £50. New Art room aprons and brushes for all students sponsored by the Arts Society Glaven Valley: £100.