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15 January 2019Norfolk's Power Houses: Raynham, Houghton, Wolterton and Holkham
19 February 2019Hidden Canvasses: Street Art and the City
19 March 2019The Magnificent Maya-Fact and Fantasy
16 April 2019Shaken by an Earthquake - Igor Stravinsky, the Ballets Russes and the astonishing 1913 premier of the Rite of Spring
21 May 2019The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
18 June 2019Annual General Meeting followed by The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Fabergé - After the Revolution

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Norfolk's Power Houses: Raynham, Houghton, Wolterton and Holkham Shawn Kholucy Tuesday 15 January 2019

The four Power Houses of Norfolk, those houses built to display the owners’ power or their ambitions to power, Raynham, Houghton, Wolterton and Holkham, were all linked in their conception, construction and intentions. The same key national characters were engaged in their building. They all pay reference to classical Rome and to Italian precedents. This talk aims to explain why and how they do this. It concentrates on the background out of which these houses grew and explains some of the thinking behind their creation. It aims to better inform the visitor to them, to add to their visit rather than to obviate the need to make one.